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Apr 24, 2023 | Andrea Thomson | 1202 views
2023 Brampton Hockey Awards
Brampton Hockey recognizes its top players, coaches and volunteers at 2023 AGM

On Wednesday, April 19, we concluded the Brampton Hockey season with the annual AGM, in which we also presented our annual player and volunteer awards. Thank you to all the members of Brampton Hockey for another successful season. We were excited to show our appreciation in person to players, coaches, and volunteers that make Brampton Hockey as great as it is. This year we reviewed and updated the awards to make sure that players and members were recognized in a wide range of ages, levels and roles, and we thank all the coaches, conveners, board members and staff who nominated worthy candidates and highlighted their accomplishments this past season. We, the Board and Executive of Brampton Hockey, truly appreciate your contributions and your participation in Brampton Hockey. 

Bill Bloor Award

Rep player that demonstrates highest level of skill and sportsmanship

Mark Pincente U15AA

Mark embraced his leadership role as an alternate captain contributing timely goals/assist as well as a strong demonstration of defensive responsibilities all while taking the few penalties. His support of his teammates is incredible and puts the team first, helping to lead our U15 AA team to the best record amongst Brampton 45's Rep teams.

Iain Walker Award

Top defenseman in Brampton Hockey

Gavin Peddle U15AA

Gavin entered the season accepting a position as a defensemen after spending his entire career to date as a forward. Gavin embraced the opportunity and strengthened his skills as a defensemen, and used his offensive instincts to lead our power play to a 30% success rate. Gavin may give up a few inches and pounds but played big to make plays, protect his zone and played key minutes for our team.

Steve Mackay Award

Best Goaltenders (team/shared) with the best goals against average in 2022-2023

Noah Young & Kyle Lane U15AA

Noah and Kyle combined for an overall record 31-20-13, 0.586 win percentage, combined 2.78 goals against average and 88.2% save percentage, bolstering the team to 7th place in Tri-County U15 AA league and winning the Mark Woszczyma Tournament championship.  They  come to practice every day competing and helping our forwards get better with having the top goalies in the league to shoot on.

Peter Van Tent Award

Presented annually to a goalie putting effort over ability in Recreational League.

Samuel Chng U11 Hawks

Samuel Started playing goalie about 3/4 into the season. If the team had him in net from day 1 he would have stole the playoffs for us. Our last game of the round robin we won by a goal and he stood on his head making big saves in the last period. Our next game was the semifinal and he again he was unbreakable until the 3rd period where the team fell apart again the first place Sharks. I believe he has what it takes to keep any team he is on to have a fighting chance at a win.

Jamie McIntosh Award

Most sportsmanlike player

Xavier DaCunha U11 Sharks

Xavier was undoubtedly the best forward in U11 Rec this season, and this is coming from an opposing coach and the U11 Convener. The thing with him is, you would never know it, he never once celebrated a goal unlike most kids his age. What he did after every game was skate to the other team’s bench after the players had left the bench area and shake hands. I never saw him act as if he was the best forward in U11, Xavier alyways showed up to play hockey and that is what he did.

Cohen Elson U13 AA

Cohen is always respectful towards his opponents, never blames or talks back to referees and is super objective when it comes to his own play or looking at the play of the team. He is able to give credit to others when they do well and plays hockey with toughness and grit but also ensures that everyone around him is safe and doing well. Cohen understands the nuances of the game and what it means to be appreciative of others. He's always ready to shake hands and never puts anyone else down. He is a great role model and certainly deserving of the most sportsmanlike award. Cohen was a leader on our team and set the tone for respect, accountability and strong sportsmanship. 

John Elliot Award

Player that has displayed courage in the face of adversity

Nolan Krist U12 A

Nolan was born with a rare congenital disorder characterized by deficient abdominal musculature. Even with the lack of strength in his core, Nolan is able to be strong mentally working hard to overcome the challenges he faces with his condition. Nolan is resilient, preserving through his personal obstacles and setbacks, never giving up while playing the game he loves. Nolan always has his head up, giving his all in every practice and on every shift, working hard while being a positive presence among his teammates.

Mike Clewlow Award

Player that best exemplifies dedication, perseverance and sportsmanship to their team at U16 or U18 (Midget) U16/18


Cameron Walker U 16 A

Cameron not only showed perseverance by missing only one practice and making all his games but he also made all but one practice as a coaches' helper with my U11 Bruins Rec team as he came on the ice to help teach my team hockey skills and helped make learning fun for the kids. Cameron is very respectful to everyone on the ice whether it be his own teammates, opponents, or officials. Cameron works hard at what he does and is a perfect example of what a leader is both on and off the ice.

Chris Barrett Award

Player that demonstrates highest degree of leadership and community service at U16 or U18 (Midget)

Dylan Brown U18MD

Dylan has willingly volunteered the entire season, from assisting with prep skates to shooting for goalie development, to helping out an entire day for Silver Stick. Not only did he complete his required 40 highschool volunteer hrs, he continues to volunteer whenever asked without hesitation. He has been a true asset to Brampton Hockey this year throughout all his volunteering. Thanks Dylan!

Claude Carriere Award

Player that best exemplifies leadership and dedication to their team at U14 & U15 (Bantam)


Leandro Periera U15AA

Leandro ("Lee") expressed his leadership quietly by his actions on and off the ice. He knew when we needed a boost during the game, he'd motivate his teammates with subtle words to "pick it up" and would lead by example. He also demonstrated his community spirit at the food drive and encouraged/supported other teammates to engage "strangers" asking for food bank donations. Great player to coach and a great person.

Edward Van De Ven Award

Player that best exemplifies leadership and dedication to their team at U12 or U13 (Peewee)

Carson Lee U13 AA

Carson was nominated for this award due to his inclusive and empathetic nature towards all his teammates. Carson never allows negativity to seep into the dressing room atmosphere. He treats every single person he comes across as if they're important to him in a way that is super genuine and honest. Carson is a phenomenal teammate and someone who's always looking out for others. He's routinely pumping up his goalies after a tough goal or praising them after a big save. During practice Carson is focused and eager to help others with certain drills if they need assistance. Carson was named captain this season by his peers and also was an obvious choice from the eyes of the coaching staff because of his hard work and awesome attitude. He is a true leader in every sense.

Henry V Award

Player that best represent attitude, effort, and sportsmanship at U9-U11 (Novice-Atom)

Blayke Tremblett U11 Hawks

Blayke was a player right from the begining of the season wasn't going to give up on herself or her teamates. Everytime she got to the rink she had a smile on her face and after every game no matter how the game ended she was there helping her teamates pick themselves up and leave with a smile too. We gave the team a plan for the season to follow and she made sure that plan was followed with the most energy out there on the ice. there was no other player on that ice that would play so hard on the puck but yet be so gentle at the same time. As the season went on she only got better at fighting in the corners and in open ice. Blayke was nothing but positive energy in the dressing room, on the bench and out on the ice.

Referee of the Year Award

Best Referee in Brampton Hockey.

Ron Easson

The Referee of the Year Award recognizes those who have a strong work ethic, knowledge of the rules of the game and are positive role models in the area of officiating. Ron has done all that and more. He will skate any and every shift and won’t complain. He will work with his partners to help mentor younger Brampton Hockey officials and always is a positive role model in the dressing room. Ron puts in excellent effort in his shifts and work with the players and coaches to ensure a fair and safe game. You will never see Ron lose his composure during any of his games and leads by example for younger officials. I would like to congratulate Ron for winning this award.

Ron Able Award

Manager who has planned and implemented a successful hockey program for their respective team

Deanna Krist U12A

Deanna is a master communicator, master organizer, party planner, volunteer coordinator, special events coordinator, statistician, team analytics, fundraiser, cheerleader, and many more…..these are just a few of the roles that Deanna embraced and excelled in for the growth and development of the U12 A team. She did all these things efficiently and with a smile. All of her behind the scenes work created a positive environment for kids, coaches and families. Deanna helped us all be our best selves.She is the unsung hero of our team, and is a positive role model for all around her.

Diversity and Inclusion Award

Player/Staff that through the game of hockey has positively impacted his or her community, culture, or society


Catherine Ambrose Director, VP Recreational League

Catherine has gone above and beyond this year to ensure that all parties in Brampton Hockey have been recognized for their contributions.  Her work with social media has highlighted the diversity of Brampton hockey and shone a light on the inclusive environment that exists within our organization. It has also created a greater sense of community.  Furthermore, Catherine has spent countless hours working on enhancing events such as Opening Weekend and the Weekend of Champions and ensured that all participants in Brampton Hockey received equal treatment across both our Representative and Recreational platforms.  Stepping in as the VP of Recreational hockey, she has invested a great deal of time into building sustainable and enhanced programs to meet the needs of not just our top players but ALL players.  Catherine Ambrose is truly deserving of this award.

The President's Award

A member who has made an outstanding volunteer contribution to Brampton Hockey.

Kevin Rayner U17 Coach, Convenor, Board Member

Kevin is a worthy recipient of the President's Award as he has been involved with Brampton Hockey for at least two decades. His roles have included but not limited to Coach, Convenor, Board Member and VP. As the U17 convenor Kevin spends EVERY weekend at the rink overseeing this division. He has perfected this role and handles this volatile age group with respect and patience. Kevin also has spent countless hours at the rink volunteering with the First Shift, Try Hockey, Neville Woolridge Tournament, Weekend of Champions and Family Day to name a few. If you need help, Kevin has always been willing to assist wherever required. His efforts over the past 20+ years deserve this recognition of the President's Award. Congratulations Kevin!

Lee Pettit Award

Coach who demonstrates greatest dedication player development at the youngest ages

Tyler Shaw U7 Timbits Initiation Program

This is the second season Tyler has led a team in the IP program, and he has created a positive team culture for his team, implements practice plans and modifies them if needed.  He is a positive role model for our youngest players and is someone I would want my child to play for.  He is respected by everyone in the IP program and is an asset to BHI.  

Lionel Wilkins Award

Recreational league Coach who combine the spirit of player development and team achievement

Jordan Childs U11 Bruins

Jordan has been great with the kids and worked hard on development of his team. Jordan was a great volunteer with a positive attitude that made the season a great experience for the kids on the U11 Bruins

Westdale Shipping Award

Rep Coach who combines the spirit of player development and team achievement

Dan Young U11AA Head Coach

Dan has shown nothing but dedication to his team and the development of his players and the entire age group. As a Head Coach he includes his coaching staff and manager in all decisions and makes sure everyone is on the same page and in agreement. The growth of the U11 AA team from a winless team last year to winning 13 games and going 3 and 3 in the playoffs is incredible and that's due to Dan, his coaching staff and determination to better the Brampton kids.