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Each Brampton Hockey team (including Recreational League, MD League and Special Needs teams) are required under Brampton Hockey Resolutions to elect a Team Parent Representative.  The Team Parent Representative cannot be appointed by the Coach but is to be elected by the parents of that team.

In addition, each League has its own League Parent Committee (Recreational League Parent Committee, MD Parent Committee, and Representative Parent Committee).  These committees consist of all of the elected Team Parent Representatives for that league.  Each League Parent Committee is also required to elect one Team Parent Representative from their Committee to serve as the League Parent Representative.

The League Parent Representative will chair the League Parent Committee meetings.  In addition each League Parent Representative automatically sits on the Risk Management Committee and the Brampton Hockey Board of Directors as a Parent Director.  This means there are four persons on the Board of Directors representing the interests of the parents (one League Parent Representative each from Recreational League, MD League and Representative League, and the Vice-President Risk Management).


Team Parent Representatives play an important role in Brampton Hockey by carrying out the following minimum duties:

  • Shall be the liaison between the parents of the team and the team officials;
  • Shall be the liaison between the team and the elected league parent representatives;
  • Shall assist in resolving team disputes and concerns;
  • Shall be a member of the appropriate League Parent Committee and attend such meetings as required;
  • Bring the concerns of the parents directly to the Executive Committee and ultimately the Board of Directors through the Vice-President Risk Management and the Parent Committee;
  • Distribute and collect the Coaches Evaluation forms.

League Parent Representatives also play an important role within Brampton Hockey by carrying out the following minimum duties:

  • Shall be the liaison between the Vice-President Risk Management and their respective League Parent Committee;
  • Arrange and chair respective League Parent Committee meetings;
  • Arrange recording and distribution of minutes for meetings;
  • Distribute coach evaluation forms to the Team Parent Representatives.

A critical tool available to parents in providing input to Brampton Hockey is through the Coaches Evaluation form distributed each year prior to coach selection.  These forms are held in confidence and are not provided to coaches; they are used as part of the coach selection process.  It is important that a fair and accurate appraisal be given of your coach.

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