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Hockey Development

Brampton Hockey Initiation Program and Learn to Play


IP - Learn to Play (LTP)

This program is designed to give kids their first opportunity to be in a team based hockey environment while learning new skills. Weekly sessions led by Performance Hockey Academy will include skill based lessons with a focus on skating and basic edgework. As the season progresses an incorporation of basic puck skills will help kids prepare and be comfortable as they move into the IP hockey program the following season.  The Learn to Play program also includes participation in a Jamboree Fun Day.  Player to Coach Ratio is 5 to 1 or better.

Initiation Program (IP)

The Initiation Program is designed to build on the foundation players receive in the LTP program.  Players will take part in development skates on Saturday and Sunday for the first 10 weeks led by Performance Hockey Academy and volunteer coaches working with them on ice.  The programming focuses highly on skating skills and edgework and integrats puck skills to begin preparing players for gameplay.  Following the 10 week skill development phase, players will be placed on equally balanced skill appropriate teams that will play half ice 4-on-4 games on Sundays.  The IP program also includes participation in a Jamboree Fun Day.  Player to Coach Ratio is 5 to 1 or better.  For more information on how IP works please read the OMHA site.




All teams will be taking part in pre-planned development session lead by our Instructors and Coaches. These session will follow closely the OMHA/Hockey Canada development plan




Brampton Hockey Development is focused on:

1.     Setting the foundation for first year players through Initiation Program

2.     Collaborating with our Rep, Intra City and Recreational League programs to provide core age and level appropriate skill development 

3.     Providing supplemental development programs for players and goalies

For more information on the Development Programs in our Rep, Intra City and Recreational League programs, please visit their respective pages.















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