Introduction (Brampton Hockey Inc.)


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New to Hockey? We have you covered!

Generations of Canadian families have grown up playing hockey. These families all share fond memories of their time on the ice and all the benefits that came out of it. Canadians love hockey so much that we petitioned to make it our country’s official national winter sport. 

Why invest so much into hockey? The benefits to kids are numerous: learning skills that enhance agility, strength and dexterity, a healthy and positive setting to meet others, sportsmanship and teamwork, learning how to take risks but most of all to have fun and to continue the tradition of Canadian Hockey. 

To carry on this tradition and to help foster the growth of young kids in Brampton and to create new memories we have created this tool guide for kids new to hockey. We want to help educate you as a parent on everything from how to fit your equipment properly, the basics of the game of hockey to minor hockey playing rules. We will make sure that you know everything you need to help make your child’s hockey experience as enjoyable as it can be.