Development 1 (Brampton Hockey Inc.)

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The NCCP DEVELOPMENT 1 CLINIC is designed for coaches working with players engaged in the competitive levels of hockey (Rep level Peewee & above). Learn to motivate and lead your athletes as they move into a competitive environment. Build age-appropriate and competition specific practice plans while you give your players a solid understanding of the skills and strategies they will need to compete. You will also learn to analyze your players’ abilities to ensure that they’re equipped, both mentally and physically, for a more intense level of play. 


Upon completing this clinic you will be trained to: 

  • Plan and design a practice session; 
  • Analyze your athletes’ performance; 
  • Develop skill-specific programs; 
  • Coach a competition-oriented practice; 
  • Coach in a competitive situation. 

This is a 16-hour, in-classroom clinic, spread over 2 days with on-ice session. 


Upon successful attendance and completion of all pre-clinic and in-clinic tasks, the coach participant is deemed to hold Development 1 ‘Trained’ status.The requirements to become Development 1 ‘Certified’ are successful completion of the following tasks:

  1. MED Competition Introduction - Online evaluation
  2. Written Assignment – NCCP Development 1 Coach Evaluation Criteria (D1 POST-TASK WORKBOOK), including the Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
  3. Field Evaluation – Practice

In the Analyze Performance section of the Post-Task Coach Workbook, the coach must detect errors in at least one of the demonstrations and offer corrective measures for this player to correct the error. These can also be found in the Hockey Canada’s skills DVDs (1‐4 and 5‐8)


Coaches must complete the MED online evaluation and Coach Workbook (NCCP Development 1 Coach Evaluation Criteria) – written assignment prior to requesting a Field Evaluation.

When these two items are completed, the Coach can request a Field Evaluation. Coaches should contact the NCCP Field Evaluator from their Centre - where they are currently active. If the Centre where the Coach does not have an NCCP Field Evaluator, the Coach should contact the Regional Development Leader (RDL) for their region.

Upon completion of the in-person clinic, a Coach will be considered ‘TRAINED’ under the auspices of Hockey Canada. This training provides the foundation of education and the necessary qualifications to coach. To be ‘CERTIFIED’, a formal evaluation must be completed. 

This evaluation gives the Coach the opportunity to demonstrate abilities/competencies. There are four (4) evaluation components:

  • A field evaluation completed by a qualified branch evaluator
  • Completion of task work submitted to the branch evaluator
  • Develop an Emergency Action Plan
  • Completion of Making Ethical Decisions (MED) online module through the CAC website (



‘Trained’ status indicates the Coach has attended an NCCP clinic and the Coach is ‘in process’ of completing evaluation to be ‘Certified’

  • ‘Trained’ status carries an expiry of 5 years
  • The development pathway for these Coaches is to move through the certification process or after expiry must take clinic again


The certification process requires the Coach to show evidence of learning and is ‘competency-based’

‘Certified’ status carries an expiry of 5 years

Coaches with ‘Certified’ status will have to complete a defined number of Professional Development points through the Hockey Canada Certification Maintenance Program

If a Coach with ‘Certified’ status does not acquire required Professional Development points, the qualification will revert to ‘Trained’ status