Certification and CEP - OMHA 2015 (Brampton Hockey Inc.)

PrintCertification and CEP - OMHA 2015

1. CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAM; The OMHA CEP program to continue as is, including the refresher clinic until the official launch of the new Hockey Canada Coach Maintenance Program which will require coaches to be re-certified every 5 years.


The requirement will be that a competitive coach will require 30 points and a community coach will require 20 points over the 5 five year period to maintain their certified status.


A typical continuing education event would be 3 hours long with 1.5 hours in class and 1.5 hours coaches achieving 1 point per hour.


2. Coaches attending D1 clinics would be considered trained , head coaches for Pewee AA and above would need to be certified. A date to complete this requirement has not been established however Ian Taylor would prefer date that is the same throughout the OHF.


The level of hockey that this requirement would be required has not been finally established either; perhaps just AAA, AA, and A, or even phasing in all categories over a series of years. I have been told that it will possibly be AA PeeWee and above as I made note of above but official word will be coming from OMHA


3. Centers will be required to identify within their organization a “Coach Mentor” probably someone from their coach selection group (Henry?) who will be trained to be able to evaluate the centers coaches that require D 1 certification at one of their practices. (Timeframe see above)

There will be centers who do not feel comfortable in performing this evaluation of coach’s process and this is when OMHA personal will be able to offer support to them in completing the evaluations.


An audit system will need to be established.


Ian and Kevin Hamilton will begin the process of contacting the centers. The training will likely be held by way of webinar which proposed evaluators can complete from home or as an alternative meet in a group setting.


The Regional Leaders (7) have been included on list of the Coach Group personal to act as evaluators to assist centers with the coach evaluation process.


4. Best practices. In May we are hoping to host a meeting of development leaders from the different associations in Region 3. If you can provide me with a name and contact information of an individual or individuals that could attend it would be appreciated. The meeting is designed to share development success from the current season and issues to work on for the next season(s).

On the same day if possible, there will be a Developing Defence Symposium held in the same location. The Symposium will be a one day development opportunity with NHL, OHL or University level coach involvement as well as OMHA instruction and will provide recertification points for coaches who take part. More details to follow. If you have any input on this I would appreciate your thoughts.


5. The OHF has announced details on two upcoming programs taking place this Spring/Summer:

High Performance 1 Seminars:

The OHF will host 3 HP1 Seminars in June & July 2015. Details and Registration information has been posted to the OMHA website:



Two-Weekend ClinicJune 5-7, 2015 and June 20-21Toronto

Two-Weekend ClinicJune 5-7, 2015 and June 20-21Barrie Four (4) Day ClinicJuly 9-12, 2015


6. OHL/OHF Under-15 Program of Excellence

Details for the 2015 OHF/OHL Under-15 POE have been released. This program is for current Bantam (2000) players.

Details and Registration information has been posted to the OMHA website - http://www.omha.net/news_article/show/469353?referrer_id=885504

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