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Prior to registering online, all players New to Hockey must fill out the New Member Hockey Canada Profile Request online form. CLICK HERE to download the profile request form. The office will notify you when the Hockey Canada profile has been created and the Respect in Sport for Parents program can be completed, the player can then be registered.


**Players transferring (moving) to Brampton, please contact [email protected]**

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One parent is required to complete the Respect in Sport for Parents program.  Please see below for an overview of the program.  This program only needs to be completed once.
As in previous years, registration is being provided via Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) system. If you previously created an account with HCR and have forgotten your password, please click on the link below the sign in area – 'FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD'. If your e-mail address has changed, log in with your previous email. Once logged in, you can change your e-mail, password and edit your account under 'My Account'.

Brampton Hockey does not offer a Learn-to-Skate Program. For Learn-to-Skate Programs, please contact the City of Brampton’s Parks and Recreation Department at:

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How to Register

Brampton Hockey Inc. begins the registration process for each season in early- to mid-May.  Registrations are usually accepted into the middle of September based on the program and the number of spots available at each respective level.  Please watch this website for details on the start of registration and the registration rate fees that will apply.
Brampton Hockey uses an online registration system that allows you to register from home or work without having to attend a registration session or by drop into the office.  The online registration system, when registrations are being accepted, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Parents have the choice of paying online when they register their child/children using Visa or MasterCard. Should you not be comfortable paying online you can come into the Brampton Hockey office during business hours to pay by credit card, debit, cheque, or cash.  Please note that cheques are not accepted after June 30th.

The online registration process also provides an administrative advantage for the organization.  The process automatically puts players into the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) database which means the Representative, Recreational, and Intra-City teams can be easily rostered and assists in the process of insuring players under Hockey Canada’s insurance.  All players and coaches / trainers who register with Brampton Hockey fall under Hockey Canada’s insurance.  For more information on the Hockey Canada insurance please go to

In an ongoing effort to foster a safe and enjoyable environment for all our players, coaches, officials and fans in this great game, the Brampton Hockey Executive and Board of Directors has approved the implementation of the Respect in Sport (RIS) Parent Program. 

The Respect in Sport Parent Program is endorsed and supported by our governing bodies, Hockey Canada, OHF and the OMHA. The program is a proactive, educational online course that empowers parents with the tools to ensure the game is enjoyable and respectful for themselves, their children, and all other stakeholders in the game. 

Starting in the 2013-2014 hockey season, at least one parent or guardian of each player in Brampton Hockey will need to complete the online RIS course as a condition of the child’s registration and participation in Brampton Hockey programs. The course takes approximately an hour to complete. In the next few weeks, further details will be distributed outlining how to sign up and complete the requirement. The cost of the course is covered by Brampton Hockey and is a one time certification.

Brampton Hockey requires your support and cooperation with completing the RIS online course prior to registering your child for next season. There is an opportunity for you to provide feedback once the course is completed. Please ensure you provide the feedback asked for at the end of the online program so that the ongoing improvement of the content and usability of the system is maintained. 

Thank you for your assistance with the League’s commitment to players’ safety, enjoyment and success in the game of hockey. 

Brampton Hockey Inc. Policy On Refunds

 In order to be considered for a participant registration refund a request must be submitted in writing to the Brampton Hockey office, Attention Finance by October 31 of the current season. The request must include the following information:

•         Name of participant

•         Birth year of the participant

•         Current mailing address

•         Reason refund is being requested

 Brampton Hockey Inc. will not issue refunds for requests made after October 31 of each season. All refunds will have a $50.00 administration fee, for each registration, deducted from the amount being refunded. Additional amounts owed to the Association (i.e. surcharges, NSF fees, late fees, etc) may also be deducted from the refund.

 In all cases refund cheques will not be processed and issued until after November 15 of the current season, regardless of when the request was received.

 Refunds will be considered after October 31 and before December 31 for medical reasons only. All requests for refunds must be accompanied by a Physician’s medical note indicating that the participant cannot play for the current season. Refunds WILL NOT be given for games missed during the season due to short-term injury.

 Please note that a refund of fees from the Association does not constitute nor imply a release from the Association nor any obligation to the Association. The Association continues to hold all rights associated with the participant registered.

 Refunds for clinics will be given in full only when the Association is notified forty-eight hours in advance that the registrant will be unable to attend. No refund will be given to registrants who are turned away from clinics for being late.


 Please visit the OMHA web site

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