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On-ice (in season)

AAA / AA / A / MD

●     20 hours (minus hours provided during summer sessions) skills training facilitated by Nic Martins and Academy coaches (schedules permitting)

●     MD to get 10 hours

●     Position specific, individual skills, shooting, skating, passing clinics

●     Game skills such as puck protection, puck handling, hitting, attack tactics etc..

●     Offensive and defensive tactics based on feedback from coaches and coaches wishes

●     Goalie specific training

On Ice / Off ice (Summer)

AAA / AA / A / MD
6-7 hours total (approx. 1hr/week)

●     Commencing July 8 running through to Aug

●     1hr on ice and 1hr off ice same day

●     Will have some other training aids available for kids who are scheduled each day who can still train when finished there team sessions such as shooting and stickhandling areas

●     There will be several goalie specific time slots also, multiple goalies from different age groups on ice at same time with multiple instructors

●     This will give us a running start for the season and have approx. 13 hours to facilitate in season making scheduling and time at rinks for families more manageable

Off-Ice (in season available as per team requirements)

AAA/AA/A - 2 60 minute sessions per week at Flash training center.

1st hour

●     Combination strength and endurance and flexibility piece.

●     2 instructors + Coach from participating team

●     Circuit type training

●     Coaches participation mandatory (someone from the staff)

●     All players and coaches in academy gear

2nd hour

●     Combination of skating treadmill, slide boards, deker boxes etc…

●     2 instructors + Coach from each participating team

●     Circuit type training

●     Coaches participation mandatory (someone from staff)

●     All players and coaches in Academy gear

●     Scheduled intervals will have team video sessions

Off-Ice (Available upon team request - Summer strength Program)

●     July 7 - Aug 30

●     3 - 4 sessions per week

●     Strength, speed, flexibility, endurance

●     Team sessions

●     Group sessions

●     Private sessions

●     Day / evening sessions dependant on team / group needs

Hockey Share Tool


●     To be used by all rep coaches at all levels

●     Practice plans to be shared amongst staff and potentially families

●     People will know what you are working on and can support your plan not theirs.

●     Plan to be shared with Academy also

Seasonal Plan

●     Build seasonal plan with age group relating to skills specific to age/level

●     Build seasonal plan specific to your team

●     Use seasonal plan to identify training phases and practice plans

●     Build seasonal plans using Introduce, Refine and Develop

●     Seasonal plan will be from pre-season training camps to end of year exit interviews with players and parents

Team profiles / Player profiles

●     Coaches to do team ratings after each game

●     Coaches to do player ratings after each game

●     Go over ratings with Academy

●     Use team ratings to produce next practice plan in conjunction with seasonal plans

●     Use player ratings to identify strengths and weaknesses of each player

●     Use team ratings along with player ratings to identify team progress

●     Use player ratings for parent/player feedback at scheduled intervals

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