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What we are:

The Academy is a skills development team working along side the Brampton coaching staffs. We will deliver a curriculum of skills outlined by Hockey Canada guidelines to every age and level of player here at Brampton Hockey.

We have skills development programs for every level from our Recreational level IP program right up through our Representative AAA programs for every age group.

The Academy is also committed to working closely with our coaches in an effort to develop and support our coaches needs.


To foster the “Love of the Game” and to deliver a thorough skills development program in an effort to help athletes achieve their goals and raise the level of their play so they can have the opportunity to compete at the highest levels.

The Program:

Brampton Hockey is evolving and the training of Hockey is also evolving. In an effort to always stay current we are adapting a 2 phase methodology.

  • Summer  Program
  • In season Program

The idea is to set our teams up for success at the earliest possible time. The season may start in September but the off season is very important for players to build strength and skills so when the season starts we are not only ready but come out of the gates with a running start.

Brampton Hockey has secured ice time at South Fletcher's Sportsplex that runs from July to end of August. We have implemented a rolling skills development schedule that will deliver 121+ hours of development across our AAA, AA and A programs for all ages. This includes players and goalies.


The Summer Academy sessions will effectively give each player 8 hours of training prior to season start. The focus of the program will be skating, mobility and puck control.

Nic Martins will be leading the sessions. In an effort to maximize instruction while keeping in mind cost we have secured some high level instructors to join Nic on ice. These instructors play in the OHL, Tier 2 Jr A and Jr B leagues.

Each ice session will have:

  • 1 lead instructor
  • 4-5 secondary instructors

We will implement a “Passport” style skills development program. Each day there will be specific skills delivered at allocated times with age specific time slots. This will be more of an individual player attending specific sessions based on fulfilling the “Passport” rather than team specific time slots.

Players will be required to attend a specific amount of each type of skill session based on their age in order to fulfill the “Passport”. Players from different teams will be on ice together based on registrations for those sessions. The sessions will be grouped by ages rather than teams.

This will give the flexibility needed for families to attend sessions when best suited to their summer activities but getting the same amount of development over the Summer Program. Players will be able to attend multiple sessions in the same day in an effort to minimize travel and days at the rink during the summer break.

There will also be several “Goalie Specific” ice sessions split between age groups.

These sessions will have multiple goalies on ice as well as multiple instructors.

We are also trying to secure a location at the rink to facilitate an off ice shooting / stick handling station. This station will be used by players either post or pre-ice sessions to work on shooting and stick handling.

This gives the opportunity for further skills development while keeping costs in mind. At the same time, we realize that dropping off players just for an hour may be difficult so this extra station will give parents a bit more time to arrange the transportation.

This station will also be manned by one of our secondary instructors.

Focus items for on ice sessions;

  • Explosive starts
  • Forward stride
  • Backward stride
  • Edge control
  • Skating with the puck
  • Puck control

In Season:

AAA, AA, A teams will receive 20 hours (additional to regular practices) total skills development for the season including the hours delivered in the summer program.

The goal is to complete the skills training by end of December, keeping mind every teams schedule may be different based on their game and tournament requirements.

MD / AE will receive 10 hours during their allocated practice times.

This year we will have the schedules posted and secured prior to season start so coaches and families can rely on those schedules in an effort to arrange their busy organizational charts.

We have secured specific ice blocks for the Academy sessions and teams will have their specific times allocated. Again we may have to customize a bit based on the 35 teams and their specific schedules.

Ice sessions will follow a curriculum specific to age groups and Hockey Canada Skills achievement guidelines.

Nic Martins will be leading the majority of these sessions this season along with support from a few other lead instructors.

Practice plans for each session to be sent to coaches prior to each session using the “Hockey Share” tool.

Coach Development:

While the Academy is a skills based development tool for the players we are also committed to working alongside our coaches.

We will help coaches in anyway we can in an effort to support and develop the best coaches we can.

The on ice sessions will be delivered with the staffs from each team and this will give our players maximum instruction and some continuity from academy sessions to team sessions. We want to make sure the kids have similar messaging from one session to the next for maximum benefits.


We have excellent coaches here and we would like to empower them further by offering them support with the following:

  • Seasonal planning
  • Practice plans
  • Practice themed plans
  • Hockey Share practice planning tool
  • Hockey Systems (group play, team systems)
  • Small area games
  • Individual skills development (continued from Academy sessions)
  • In game data recovery forms
  • Player testing (standardized Hockey Canada Skills Test)
  • Body contact clinics
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