Body Checking Clinics (Brampton Hockey Inc.)

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Checking is critical in the game of hockey and when understood, taught and performed properly and with confidence can greatly increase the chances to possess the puck. As we all know the more we can have the puck on our sticks the more opportunities we have to create quality scoring chances and minimize the amount of scoring chances against. 

Just like skating, passing, shooting and puck control checking is a learned skill and has to be worked on in a consistent manner. The more familiar a player is with giving and receiving a check as well as executing the many different types of stick checks and angling techniques the more confident and well rounded a player will be.

Checking is not limited to just throwing a body check and therefore we can start to build on the checking skills from an early age.

As you can see from the chart below we can start to teach many checking techniques from a young age progressing through to full contact at older ages. Skating is the most essential skill in hockey and the prerequisite for many other skills. The ability to skate will allow the player to develop the necessary skills involved with checking.

Younger ages can be taught angling and stick checks progressing up to puck separation and body contact in later years. These skills should all be worked on in team practice sessions throughout the year and revisted freuently.

These specific clinics will be for players entering the body contact phase of ther hockey in Minor Bantam and players who would like a refresher who are already in the contact phase of their hockey. We will cover topics outlined in the chart below. Clinics will be held prior to season start. Times and dates TBD.